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Donation/Transplant Statistics for 2016

Minister for Health, Simon Harris, TD, recently announced details of organ transplant and donation figures for 2016.  A notable highlight is the record performance for the Living Kidney Donor Programme which reached a milestone of 50 living donor transplants for the first time.

"The Living Kidney Donor Programme continues to go from strength to strength", the Minister said,  "and I congratulate our National Renal Transplant service in Beaumont Hospital. Their excellent performance in 2016", he continued, "saw a remarkable increase in living donor transplants from 33 in 2015 to 50 last year. And, as always I want to thank the donors of the living programme for their huge generosity in giving the opportunity for life-changing transplantation to their loved ones”.

Overall, 280 organ transplants were carried out during 2016.  This marks the second highest yearly performance achieved, with an average rate of 23 transplants per month.

The organ transplant figures for 2016 were:

172 kidney transplants at National Renal Transplant service, Beaumont Hospital;

58 liver transplants at National Liver transplant service, St Vincent’s University Hospital;

35 lung transplants and 15 heart transplants at the National Heart lung transplant service at the Mater University Hospital.

The performance of the three Hospitals in 2016 is in line with the positive trends on transplant rates of recent years.

The Minister added that the Pancreatic Transplant Programme has been set up in St Vincent’s University Hospital (SVUH) and he looks forward to the recommencement of pancreas transplantation when a suitable donor/recipient match occurs. 

Minister Harris stressed that, “Our strong performance in the areas of kidney, heart, lung and liver transplants can only be maintained through the donation of organs. I would therefore encourage everyone to consider organ donor and to share this intention with your loved ones. 

The Minister concluded, “I have prioritised the development of legislation to provide for an opt out register for organ donation and my Department is currently working on this”.

Prof Jim Egan, Director of Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland added; “I want thank the 77 families whose courage and generosity in donating organs saved the lives of 280 people. Also I would like to thank the staff of the National Organ Procurement Service, the Intensive Care Units and Theatres, as well as the nurses and all staff in hospitals nationwide for their commitment.  They play a key role in the donation process".  

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