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Vera's story

In 1988, I was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Failure. Initially, I was shocked but soon got over that and got on with my life. My youngest son was only six years of age and I had a family to look after. I was given a second chance of life when I received my kidney transplant fifteen years ago and I have never looked back since.

Due to the generosity of my Donor, I was able to go on holidays again, take my children swimming and drive them to the various sports events. 

I remember my Donor and my Donor’s family every day and thank them for giving me the gift of life. At a time of such great sadness in their lives, they took the time to think of others and make a decision to donate their loved one’s organs.

I have been involved with other transplant recipients through the World Transplant Games and the European Transplant and Dialysis Games. I have seen, at first hand, how their lives have changed. They are active in all sports and promote organ donation and the subsequent benefit of transplantation for so many.

Vera Frisby

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