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Emma Dooley Foundation

In memory of his beloved wife, Emma who died tragically following a road crash in June 2012,  Greg Dooley set up a foundation to  honour Emma's memory and raise funds for two charities close to her heart, NRH and Strange Boat Donor Foundation.

The Foundation has already raised over €20,000 through the many 10k runs undertaken by Greg and his friends, right across the country.  The final run was held on 15th June in Ferbane, the first anniversary of Emma's tragic and untimely death.  It was a very special  occasion, and a great tribunte to Greg and all involved.

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Greg's Story

" The morning of the 7th June 2012 will be etched in my memory forever. It was the day that turned my world upside-down and something that I'll never forget".  These are the words of Greg Dooley as he speaks about that fateful day earlier this year when, as he said, his world turned upside-down.  "Emma was involved in a fatal road traffic collision on her way to work on the morning of the 7th. Em suffered a serious brain injury and was rushed to hospital where she underwent tests. Due to the impact to her head the signs were not good and I began to realise my little Em was fighting for her life. When the news arrived about the seriousness of the injuries sustained, I knew that my Em was never going to survive. Emma and I always said that if anything was to happen to either of us, that we would donate our organs to help others. The decisions that I needed to make was something that I'll never forget and will stick with me for the rest of my life, but I knew what Em wanted and that was to give life to others. Em donating her organs gave a small piece of solace to both myself and our family members. For me, even in death she was still giving and that's just the type of person she was. Thanks to her donation, there are five people who can continue their lives and I know that my love is still living on and helping others.

 Emma and Greg on their wedding day

Greg and his many friends who supported him throughout the year in raising funds in memory of Emma.

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