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Circle of Life Garden Flooded

Having escaped the ravaging might of the elements before Christmas, Circle of Life Commemortive Garden succumbed to the forces of nature and, like so many other parts of Salthill and the West Coast, was completely flooded during the storm and high tide on Thursday night, 2nd January.

On Friday morning Denis Goggin, speaking on behalf of Strange Boat Donor Foundation, said the damage could not be assessed until the water had subsided. All day Friday and through Saturday and late into the evening pumping out of the water continued.  The main fear was damage to the recent planting and the new grass which had been rolled out just weeks previously.

Images of the garden/park first thing Friday morning, and through Saturday as the water was being pumped out.

"It is still too early to say exactly how much damage has been done", said Denis on Saturday night, "but given the havoc wrecked in many other coastal areas, it is a huge relief that there was no structural damage to the stone work, carvings and new pathways in the garden. While it is obvious that some of the planting and grass have been affected, the bigger concern is the residual effects of salination on both plants and soil and this is being now assessed.  Considering the damage which could have been caused", continued Denis, "we are very relieved and thankful, and we particularly appreciate the help and hard work of Mike, Paddy, and the two Rays and also the help from the workers from Galway City Council.  The response and support of the local community, particularly the staff of the Salthill Hotel, was also much appreciated and very heartening."

To view images of the wonderful progress made in the first three months of construction up to Chrismtas, click on this link:

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