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Forum Discussion on Organ Donation at NUIG

On Friday, 31st January a forum/discussion on organ donation/transplantation was held at the National University of Ireland college campus in Galway. This forum was organised by Ann Harrington in association with NUIG's Community Outreach Progamme and introduced by An tOllamh Nollaig MacCongáil, Registrar and Deputy President of NUIG.

The forum/discussion was planned to coincide with the Tree Planting Event which was held the following day at the National Organ Donor Commemorative Garden being created at Quincentennial Park, Salthill.

Speakers at the Forum from left:  Steve Carter, An tOllamh MacCongáil, Denis Goggin and Dr. Eddie Rooney

Dr. Eddie Rooney, Chief executive of the Public Health Agency in NI and Chair of the NI committee on organ donation and transplantation was the main speaker at the forum and presented very interesting findings of a comprehensive NI research study on attitudes to donation designed to inform the direction of a public information campaign for the Public Health Agency. 

Denis Goggin of Strange Boat Donor Foundation gave details about Circle of Life National Organ Donor Commemorative Garden and about the National Tree Planting event taking place in the garden the following Morning. 

Steve Carter from Belfast gave his own very personal story and spoke of his involvment with the world of organ donation and transplantation since the death of his wife in 2009.  A number of people in the audience who have been directly affected by donation and transplantation also shared their views and personal stories. 

The Forum which was hosted by NUIG as part of their Community Outreach Programme was also attended by Professor Matt Griffin, Consultant Nephrologist at Galway University Hospital and by Mr. Padraic Regan, Consultant at GUH.

For further details on this forum contact:
Ann Harrington  (Bangor):  02891 455061/ 07712591938 or by email:

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