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New Transplant Authority

From Tuesday, 21st April, 2015,  the newly established transplant authority, Organ Donation and Transplantation Ireland  (ODTI) under the HSE, has responsibility for organ procurement in Ireland. Up to now this service was carried out by the transplant co-ordinators and transplant team at the Organ Procurement Service at Beaumont Hospital.  

Details of the change were given to donor families in a letter from the transplant coordinators at Beaumont Hospital in which they expressed their deep appreciation for the brave decision to donate a loved one's organs. 

"On behalf of the coordinators and all members of the transplant team in Beaumont Hospital, we take this opportunity to acknowledge your decision to donate your loved one's organs for transplantation, and in so doing saved and enhanced the lives of so many patients.  We sincerely appreciate what you have done.  Organ transplantation relies entirely on the thoughtfulness and concern of donor families making this brave and generous decision, and in so doing radically changing the lives of others.

"Transplant recipients remember with love and cherish their "special person" every single day for the gift of life they have received.  You, the family, are never forgotten by them, you are forever in their thoughts as they carry on their lives, remembering their donor".

The new team of donor coordinators at the ODTI will be responsible for communication with donor families in the future. They can be contacted at 01 878 8388 /

The ODTI was established in 2014 to provide governance, integration and leadership for organ donation and transplantation in Ireland. The office is dedicated to saving and improving lives by improving organ donation rates in Ireland.  

Further information on the ODTI :

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