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Circle of Life Garden's special meaning

Circle of Life Garden means so much to people who visit and spend time there.  For one couple, Elaine Battersby and John Naughton, it has a new and very significant meaning.

As described by visitors on TripAdvisor, Circle of Life Garden is: "A Hidden Gem in Salthill";  "A beautiful peaceful garden"; "Amazing place, a hidden treasure";  "Great inspired space with thought provoking concepts;  "A hidden oasis of calm and tranquility"; "Beautiful place of reflection", and most importantly a place where the gift of organ donation and transplantation is highlighted and celebrated. 


For one couple it has a new and very significant meaning.  Elaine Battersby had a kidney and pancreas transplant in 2010 after many years on dialysis.  As Elaine herself said, "I thought because of my health I would never meet anyone willing to take me and what I perceived to be my impossible to live with health problems on!" Then two years ago she met John Naughton who knew little about the world of donation and transplantation but, as Elaine said, "was eager to learn". They travelled to Galway last year for the IKA Annual Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving at the Cathedral and afterwards visited the Circle of Life Garden. Just two weekends ago John invited Elaine on a surprise trip which culminated in another visit to the garden in Salthill where he proposed to her, and she delightedly said "yes".  "Getting engaged in such a beautiful and meaningful place means the world to us", said Elaine and John.

We thank them both for sharing their very personal story with us and wish them a long, happy and healthy life together.

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