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Human Tissue Bill Published

The new Human Tissue Bill covering organ donation and transplantation is published by the Government. The Minister for Health, Simon Harris, TD announced the publication of the Bill on Thursday, 2nd May.  

This Bill which is wide-ranging will include provisions on:

* Organ donation and transplantation

* Hospital post-mortems;

* Anatomical examination (including medical education and training)

* Public display of bodies after death.

At the publication of the new Bill: David Crosby from Cavan who received a double lung transplant; Edel Cashman from Cork who received a liver transplant, Minister Harris, Martina Goggin of Strange Boat Donor Foundation and Professor, Jim Egan, Director of Organ Donation & Transplant Ireland

Organ Donation 

The General Scheme of this Human Tissue Bill will provide for consent procedures and general conditions on the removal, donation and use of organs (e.g. kidney) and tissue (e.g. bone marrow) from the deceased and the living for transplantation and for human application. It will also include a provision to prohibit the trafficking of organs and the removal and transplantation of organs outside of an official transplant centre (i.e. a centre licensed by the HPRA). 

Opt-Out System of Consent for Organ Donation

Significantly, the Bill provides for an introduction of an opt-out system of consent for deceased organ donation and an associated register.

Under this new Opt-Out System of Consent for Organ Donation, consent will be deemed unless a person has, while alive, registered their wish to not become an organ donor after death.

If a person is on the opt-out register, their next-of-kin will not be approached to discuss organ donation and their organs will not be removed

If a person is not registered on the opt-out register, the next-of-kin will always be consulted bore any organ is removed.  If the next-of-kin objects to the donation, then the donation will not proceed.

Non-directed Altruistic Kidney Donation

The Bill also recommends the expansion of the living kidney donor programme to include non-directed altruistic kidney donation (adults only).  A present, living kidney donors can donate to a family member or a close friend.

Non-directed altruistic kidney donors make a donation to the transplant pool, but do not direct their donation to a specific person.

While the number of altruistic transplants that may take place is difficult to predict, it is estimated that between 2-5 altruistic transplants could take place each year. 

Transplant Centres 

Transplant services are provided at 3 transplant centres: 

•        Beaumont Hospital – National Renal (Kidney) Transplant Service 

•        Mater Misericordiae University Hosptial – National Heart & Lung Transplant Service 

•        St Vincents University Hospital – National Liver & Pancreas Transplant Service 

Organ Donation Statistics from Dept. of Health:

Read full press release from Dept. of Health

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