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International acclaim for Circle of Life Garden

International recognition for park excellence achieved by Circle of Life Garden and Quincentennial Park.

International recognition for park excellence was recently achieved  by Salthill’s Quincentennial Park and the Circle of Life Garden with the awarding of the prestigious Green Flag. This award, recognised throughout the world, is a mark of a quality park and is only awarded for achieving good environmental standards in green space management and excellence of visitor attractions.  

The Green Flag was recently raised by the Mayor of Galway, Mike Cubbard who commended the City Council and its staff, and the Strange Boat Donor Foundation for their hard work and dedication to the upkeep and ongoing development of the Park and Circle of Life Garden.

In the interest of further enhancement and greening of this special public space, the Circle of Life Garden has  been chosen as one of sixteen City sites to participate in the Healthy Green Spaces Project being organised by Galway City Council.  

In conjunction with the Recreation and Amenity Department of the City Council, a number of plans will be initiated to embrace an organic approach to the maintenance and development of the Garden and Park, and develop a long-term approach to environmental issues, biodiversity, waste management, supporting pollinators etc. 

Some images taken last week from the Garden/Park 

Discussing the Healthy Green Spaces Project at the Circle of Life Garden: Stephen Walsh, Senior Executive Superintendent Recreation & Amenity Dept., Galway City Council;  Susan McSharry, Technician in the Recreation and Amenity Dept.  and Denis Goggin of Strange Boat Donor Foundation.

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