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2017 Global Organ Donor Commemorative Event

2017 Global Organ Donor Commemorative Event

This unique global commemorative event will involve the unveiling of an Irish-gifted stone sculpted candle in a representative city on each continent on November 30th, 2017. The initiative is being promoted by Strange Boat Donor Foundation, in association with Organ Donation & Transplant Ireland (ODTI).

The project will provide a symbolic opportunity to give expression on a world stage to society's  appreciation and gratitude for the life giving gift made possible through organ donors and their families. It will also help promote the image and cause of organ donation/transplantation (ODT).

This all-Ireland project which involves its principal cities, Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Derry each gifting a commemorative sculpture; a replica of the 5' 5" tall stone sculpted candle in the Circle of Life National Organ Donor Commemorative Garden, to a representative host city on each continent, Barcelona, Cape Town, New Delhi, Boston and Melbourne.  The sculptures will be sited in world class centres of transplant excellence in each city which will add huge potency to the image and message of this global commemorative project. 

The paired cities are:

Dublin -  Barcelona

Galway -  Cape Town

Cork -  New Delhi

Belfast -  Boston

Derry - Melbourne

Limerick - Derry (a cross-border inter city gifting)

The date chosen for the global event was designed to avail of the historic opportunity of marking the 50th anniversary of the world's first heart transplant by Dr. Christiaan Barnard at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town in 1967.  The event could also present a reference point from which to reflect on achievements in organ donation/transplantation since the first every successful organ transplant was carried out by Dr. Joseph E. Murray at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (now Brigham & Women's Hospital) in Boston in 1954, and could possibly help foster a unified vision for this life gifting cause into the future.

Dr. Joseph E. Murray           Dr. Christiaan Barnard


Project Support:

This project is an ambitious undertaking that will depend for its success on its careful choreography to give it potency of image and media impact; its orchestration to deliver its message to the widest possible international audience and its inclusiveness to give it stature, connectivity and a legacy effect. To achieve this will require the cooperation and active support of a wide range of related interests in the host cities and countries, and beyond. It  is already receiving spontaneous support from across the Island of Ireland, North & South, including from the ODTI (Organ Donation & Transplant Ireland), lending strength to the image of Ireland and its many different communities reaching out in delivering a globally significant organ donor commemorative project. It it also being supported by a rapidly growing number of international institutions and organisations, and by the Irish diaspora.

Project Benefits:

This commemorative event provides an opportunity on a world stage to raise awareness and highlight a humanitarian cause that transcends all national boundaries. It provides an opportunity for a collective expression of appreciation and gratitude to organ donors and their families as well as a precedent for the possibility for future donation-related gestures of international goodwill, outreach and friendship. 

Further details and information on the global commemorative event to follow

Circle of Life National Organ Donor Commemorative Garden, Salthill, Galway where the original stone carved candle is located

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