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Heroes of the Health Service

Recently the Irish Times Health Supplement featured two of the country's top transplant surgeons in its series by June Shannon, titled "Heroes of the Health Service".

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Remembering a lost loved one

Anam Cara, the bereavement support organisation, has opened a remembrance book offering people a chance to honour the memory of a loved one or friend who has died.

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Athlone Community TV's support

Athlone Community Television is showing its support for Strange Boat Donor Foundation, and recently recorded a video to promote organ donation and Circle of Life, National Commemorative Garden to Organ Donors which is being planned for Salthill in Galway.

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Perfect Heart Documentary

John Healy, best known as the Maitre D in the long running RTÉ series The Restaurant, allowed the cameras into his life for one year while he was on the waiting list for a heart transplant.  The story is told in an RTE documentary, Perfect Heart, produced and directed by Anna Nolan.

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Emma Dooley Foundation

In memory of his beloved wife, Emma who died tragically following a road crash in June 2012,  Greg Dooley set up a foundation to  honour Emma's memory and raise funds for two charities close to her heart, NRH and Strange Boat Donor Foundation.

Read more: Emma Dooley Foundation


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